Our Colors and Logo


The official colors of SADTA shall be and represent:


  • Blue:  This  color represents  inspiration, encourages  open the communication and sincerity
  • Green: This color represents a need for change or growth, the freedom to pursue new ideas
  • White: This color stands for wholeness and completion, clearing clutter and obstacles away for a fresh beginning



The logo of the association is depicted below and explained through the different parts of the logo



The symbols in the logo have the following meaning:

  • Caduceus Symbol: This is the international symbol of medicine and dentistry (health). It represents our commitment to the achievement of health  for  the world
  • The Circle: The circle symbolizes the completeness and unity or bond, the strength of the It also represents our commitment to empowering people through participation
  • The Triangle: The point-up triangle represents a strong foundation and stability on which the profession of dental therapy and SADTA were founded, which is being the primary provider of oral health services to It also represents the progressive nature of our profession

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