Health Professionals Council of South Africa Registration – HPCSA


It is obligatory if you wish to practice in South Africa to be registered with the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA). An annual fee is payable to the HPCSA in order to maintain your name on the Register and the Council will issue you with a “practising” certificate. You must inform the Council in writing within 30 days of any address changes.


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Professional Provident Society – PPS


The PPS was started by a group of dentists in 1941, and provides sick pay, medical aid and group life insurance to professional graduates. Consult directly with PPS and not via an insurance broker.


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Unemployment Insurance Fund – UIF registration


If you open your own practice and employ staff you must register with UIF.


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Practice Numbers – Board Healthcare Funders


Practice code numbers are issued by the Board of Healthcare Funders and not SADTA or the HPCSA.


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Practice contents and turnover insurance – Prefdent


Glenrand MIB offer policies to insure practice contents, turnover in case of fire etc., as well as personal accident and sickness cover.


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SA Revenue Service


If you employ staff you should register as an Employer with SARS. When employing staff it is necessary to pay a compulsory Skills Development Levy. Your Accountant or Bookkeeper can assist with registering with SARS and paying the necessary levies every month based on your wage/salaries bill in respect of your staff.


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If you are an employee you must apply for an Income Tax number. If you are self-employed, apply for a Provisional Tax Payers Reference number. If you wish to register for VAT this is also processed through the SARS office. All enquiries are applicable at your local SARS office whose details may be sourced via the internet or your local telephone directory.


Schemes – Council for Medical Schemes


For problems encountered with medical schemes contact the Registrar at the Council for Medical Schemes.


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Compensation Fund – Compensation Commissioner


If you open your own practice and employ staff you must register with The Compensation Commissioner. When treating workmen “injured on duty” [IOD], you must complete forms obtainable from the Commissioner.


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